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Industry-leading automotive remanufacturing since 1936.

Remanufacturing driven by innovation.

VEGE is one of the world’s largest independent aftermarket suppliers of remanufactured petrol and diesel engines. We also offer remanufactured cylinder heads, turbochargers, manual gearboxes, brake calipers, diesel injection pumps & common rail pumps & injectors and brake callipers on an exchange basis.

With its advanced and efficient production process, backed by over 80 years of experience, VEGE is able to supply remanufactured products with a level of quality that equals that of new OEM products at extremely competitive prices.

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automotive pioneers

VEGE - The pioneers of the exchange engine.

VEGE was founded by Mr. Wim Versteeg in 1936, originally a small garage business, the founder saw an opportunity to expand after the Second World War.  Many American military vehicles, Dodge, Chevrolet & GMC  had been left in Holland and were in daily use by the civilian population.  Wim’s idea was to be able to respond quickly to the demand for these engines, so he bought up a stock of defective units, reconditioned them at his own cost and put them into stock.

Simultaneously the VEGE exchange system was born; the defective old engines originating from the vehicles in which Wim had installed a reconditioned engine were accepted from the customer in ‘part-exchange’ and could be re-used. These old units were the raw material the factory required for future production.  We believe that this simple concept helps establish our eco-credentials and makes us one of the oldest recyclers in the automotive industry if not the world.

The VEGE Timeline.

Vege Founded
VEGE Motoren BV was founded, a simple repair shop in Spijkenisse as a joint Venture between friends; Mr VErsteeg & Mr van GEnderen.
First Exchange Engines
After WW2 there was an acute shortage of spare parts for the numerous American military vehicles which were left behind. VEGE spotted an opportunity and in order to reduce downtime from weeks to days introduced exchange engines for Jeep, Ford, Morris & Austin, Dodge and GMC trucks
First Factory
VEGE’s early factory in Groene Kruisstraat, Spijkenisse was the first to have an 'eco' production line. With an expansion to Huissen VEGE increased production to meet growing demand and added to the range with its speciality VW air & water-cooled engines.
State-Of-The-Art Factory
As demand continued to grow VEGE moved to its new purpose-built ‘state of the art’ factory in Spijkenisse where a growing number of Ford Opel & VW engines were produced.
First OEM Contract
To serve the growing French market VEGE Moteurs S.A remanufacturing plant was founded in Kalaa Kebira, Tunisia. With 40 years’ experience in the automotive aftermarket VEGE gained its first OEM contract; to supply exchange engines on-demand to dealerships.
VEGE 50th Anniversary
VEGE celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 1986 and continued to grow its global operations with the foundation of a remanufacturing plant in Nuevo Escobedo, Mexico. In collaboration with AMR near Paris, Citroen 2CV engines became a popular choice for the newly founded VEGE France S.A sales entity.
VEGE Worldwide Expansion
VEGE’s global expansion gathered pace with a 51% integration of ATK North America and the first engine sales company in Mexico. VEGE’s European sales network expanded with the introduction of sales branches in the UK, Sweden, Spain, Germany and Italy, a move which saw the 1,000,000th engine leave VEGE’s production line in 1997.
Merger with CEL Group Ltd
A merger with the Continental Engines Group Ltd (CEL) extended VEGE’s ‘new’ cylinder head range and saw the introduction of our all makes remanufactured turbocharger range. VEGE worked in collaboration with SAKER sports cars to produce their ultra-reliable 2000cc flat-four turbocharged engines.
80 Years of Remanufacturing
VEGE’s ‘purpose-built’ turbo production plant opens, with 1,000’s of products now available VEGE commits to the market-leading online electronic parts catalogue TecDoc. In 2016 VEGE celebrated 80 Years of Remanufacturing expertise a heritage which lead to the acquisition of VEGE by the LKQ Corporation in 2019.
VEGE Launches New Website
New VEGE website launched for 2020. Providing information on the industry-leading services that VEGE can supply to the automotive industry.

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The world of engines is ever-changing and car manufacturers replace engine types faster than ever before; our Engineering Department is constantly introducing new models. Availability is key and with the customer in mind VEGE chooses to use selected partners to supplement the huge range of part numbers required to satisfy the massive automotive aftermarket.